Dean Thomas
Vice President - Merced Services - Americas at NICE Systems

I raced one of the Miller Motorsports High Performance Driving School FR500S mustangs in the last two rounds of Mustang Challenge series in 2010. James was my crew chief and driving coach for the race weekend. The bottom line is that I was extremely satisfied with my results and I owe this in a large part to the guidance James provided to both me and the team.

This was my first opportunity to compete in a professional series (Grand Am sanctioned). James was very organized and made sure that me, my car and the team were always prepared and on time to every single meeting, grid time, etc. throughout the weekend. This immediately gave me the confidence that James had all the logistics handled and all I needed to focus on was the driving.

As for the driving, this was the other area that James was very helpful. He reviewed my data with me after every session and was targeted in picking out just one or two of the largest opportunities for improvement. He was careful not to overload me with too many changes each session.

The result of all this was that in my first pro qualifying session I was able to qualify P7 and then finish P7. With James assistance, I improved and qualified P5 for the second race and ran as high as 4th and set the 2nd fastest lap of the race before suffering an unfortunate mechnical failure part way through the race and finishing P11.

Bottom line - if I have the opportunity to race again with the assistance of a driving coach, I would want it to be James. My experience with some driving coaches is that they essentially use their job to promote themselves and tell you over and over about their accomplishments. James, in contrast, was 100% focused on ME and helping ME to achieve MY results.
January 19, 2011, Dean was James's client

Thomas Kirkham
Vice President at Kirkham Motorsports

James is a excellent racing coach/ driving instructor. He is very professional and very easy to get along with. He helped us greatly greatly helps with the learning process of driving a car. One of the best coaches I have worked with, and a great all around guy. Highly recommended in whatever he sets out to do.
December 8, 2010, Thomas was James's client

Chairman & President at Rex Industries, Inc

I met James a few years ago when our management team sent the day out at Miller Motor Sports Park. He we very personable and extremely knowledgeable about both the Mustangs and Racing.
Last year we hired him to coach our son on the Mustang challenge series. We traveled with him throughout the US and Canada. James was great. He was a great trainer and mentor for my son.
February 17, 2010, TODD was James's client

James R. Moriarty
Owner, MoriartyLeyendecker

I learned more from driving under his supervision for a weekend than I've learned from other racing instructors in a season. He is simply fabulous.
December 8, 2010, James R. was James's client

Daniel Short
Experienced Executive, Manager and Business Builder

I have had the pleasure to work with James Burke for the past 5 years as both a customer and as a peer. James is very professional, focused on the tasks he is assigned and organized.

James is able to handle any situation he is put in and will evaluate the best path to accomplishing his goals and follow through until his high standards are met.

I have been impressed with James' attention to detail, professionalism and knowledge since I first met him. I completely recommend James for any position which he seeks and I am certain he will achieve his goals and accomplish the objectives of any organization he desires to be a part of.
December 13, 2010, Daniel worked directly with James at Miller Motorsports Park

Steve Deeks

Had the pleasure of working with James at the early stage of his development as a race driver/instructor, whilst in my role as Superlicence Instructor at Silverstone. Charming young man with strong technical ability - would always recommend.
December 11, 2010, Steve managed James at Silvertone

Mark Osmundson
Account Executive- Performance Schools at Miller Motorsports Park

I've had the pleasure of working with and watching James grow in his professional skills over the past five years. Over this time he has taken on more responsibility to the extent that he is the "go-to" person for many things at the Miller Performance Schools.

Moreover, James has a great capacity to work with people on individual and corporate levels. He places the well-being and needs of our guests at the forefront of his concerns and is conscious of protecting our sponsor relationships. He is an excellent and likeable instructor and ambassador for us.less
December 8, 2010, Mark worked with James at Miller Motorsports Park

Mitch Wright
General Manager NOLA Motorsports Park

James Burke is a people person who understands customer service, along with being detail task driven makes him a great asset to team.

Mitch Wright
General Manager
Nola Motorsports Park
504-273-4591 (office)
December 8, 2010, Mitch managed James indirectly at Miller Motorsports Park

Tom Mabey
President/CEO at Sahara, Inc.

James is a very talented race car driver with natural ability. He has great sense to analyze the driving abilities of others and to teach the interactions of the art and science of car, track, and driver in a way that is easy to understand and relate.
March 23, 2009, Tom was a consultant or contractor to James at Victory Motor
Sport UK & USA

Darl McBride

James is a very talented driver. Not sure if it is his Euro roots driving road courses or what but he knows how to get around MMP in a hurry!

More importantly James has a great ability to connect with people and he also has a very entrepreneurial mindset. James will do something big in life. Whether it is in racing or in business, I don't know, but James is a great person to be partnering with.less
January 21, 2010, Darl was with another company when working with James at Miller Motorsports Park

Bill Pemberton
Viper, SRT and Performance Sales Mgr at Woodhouse Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, SRT,Viper

James was one of my instructors at Miller Motorsports Park and along with Cindi Lux I would rate both as two of the most outstanding teachers I have ever had while attending a Driving/Racing School. Great feedback from James and a keen understanding of student's capabilities allows him to adapt quickly to the needs of each individual and build on their strengths, not criticize their weaknesses. Calm and insightful, he is a great addition to what I consider the best Racing School in the Nation -- having been to 10 different classes I feel I am not being boastful in this matter. Great track, superior equipment and fantastic instructors - you can't ask for more