As an independent entrepreneur Race Driver, Instructor & Coach I am in a position to offer a comprehensive range of instructor and coaching packages along with race car and vehicle testing and set up.

Over the last 14 years both in Europe & the USA I have built a reputation as one of the best “one to one”Instructors for Advanced Race Car Coaching and Track Day Driving Instructor.

During that period I have developed a unique tried and tested coaching approach. I have the ability to coach a total Rookie to a seasoned Racer looking to gain a winning edge. Please feel free to read my recommendation on my LinkedIn Profile.

Many team owners and drivers will invest tens of thousands of Dollars  developing race cars in the hope they end up going 1 to 2 seconds a lap faster. Consider the possibility that a few days instruction could gain 5 to 10 seconds a lap!

Many Drivers try to apply the self teaching approach when they start off, gaining skills and experience slowly. This can result in maybe 3 to 4 years of track days or racing seasons.

With each season/year costing anywhere between $10,000 to $200,000+, it is not rocket science to see huge financial savings and massive gains in personal performance by investing in “one to one” race instruction and coaching, at a fraction of the cost of a seasons racing you could  move from the mid field to a front runner!

One2One Driver Coach



“One to one” tuition covers a range of interesting and varied program's aimed at the personal development which can include Fitness, Mind Management and Sponsorship Advice for novice and seasoned racers alike. The content is broken down into various stages which together form an overall ongoing package. I also off online coaching through iRacing!

Race Car Engineering & Development Consultant


Over the years I have raced & tested many Race Cars either newly built, newly bought, newly modified, post-accident repair or pre-season test. Having been involved with the Ford Mustangs in Three Thunder Hill 25hour Endurance races and my activities in the GrandAm and Miller Cup championship and other races both in the USA and Europe.

Once the car becomes predictable
These tests nearly always result in making the car easier to drive and therefore faster
the drivers times will improve and become more consistent. Team and car owners want to know their cars are capable of running at the front of the field. Weather permitting, I can usually install a few laps on the pace to see what time the car can achieve.

My professional experience & feedback usually results in other added value benefits as well, making the day very worthwhile.

Professional Race Driver





30 years old James Burke has a wealth of racing, instructing, coaching & Car developing experience. He has gained his experience through exposure to all kinds of Motor Racing. Having raced successfully in The Grand-Am Cup USA and campaigned in 3x 25hours sport car endurances races. James also came 3rd in the British GT Global Lights BRSCC Sports Car Championship and has had numerous race wins and podium finishes, he is committed and single-minded in his pursuit, not only as professional racing driver, car developer & coach, but more importantly, a strategic commercially aware professional racing driver, having the ability to work with you and your car, engineers & sponsors in a partnership