The reason I use iRacing is to keep, eyes, hands, and feet in sync. This is so crucial when driving a racecar whether it be on a simulator or on track.  For example, on track you cannot have a lot of steering angle and go to the throttle pedal aggressively, it's the 100% rule. With that being said, let me list a few of the things that I can help you with using iRacing.


  •  help you identify the correct racing line

  •  how to approach that racing line

  •  why is the racing line so important

  •  speed versus  steering angle

  •  eyes and hands relationship

  •  how to maintain focus 

  •  vehicle dynamics understeer and oversteer



Can I help you go faster on iRacing? You Betcha, however, what I can show you is how to effectively use the tools necessary both on iRacing and real life, bridging the gap between virtual and reality and shaving off seconds in both. 


$75.00 per/hour